Face of the Hunter


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released August 18, 2013

Sceot Acwealde



all rights reserved



Herne is a dark atmospheric pagan metal band from England / Germany formed in 2009. We are recording a new EP in late 2013.

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Track Name: In the Hunter's Shadow
Cold I lie, all life drained
My life I gave for my king
Skilled - yet i failed. I the prey

What was once was will never be
My life of old has passed
Obscure my being, a tragedy
In solitude I roam
The forest king, the raging one
Herne I'm called
'Tween the worlds, not man not ghost
For eternity bound to ride

You will breathe and live
Your skill, your prowess I claim
For your life
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Fires shine. whilst shadows wane
From frozen ground, fragile blossoms spring
No stars or moon through iron clouds
Beneath my feet all root and thorns
Through marsh and bogs on forlorn paths
Through times of for, a wondrous haze
Young trees I've seen, skybound they rose
To mighty oaks in countless years

Thaet is moddor, monigra cynna
Thaes selestan, thaes sweartestan
thaes deorestan, thaes the dryhta bearn
ofer foldan sceat to gefean agen

Raise to the sky
From frozen ground
The shreds of new life abound
Through winter cloud
Sun slowly breaks
New life awaits the dawn
Track Name: Aelfraed
In the breeze of the morning
In the rustling of leaves
On the rippling of water
On the flight of birds
Signs are abundant
For those able to see
Secrets uncover, whole worlds unfold

I know the gods and all the fair ones
Know their good and know their mischief
I can spare life, be of great help
Be destroyer, burn like fire
Call me light one, or the dark foe
I'm no longer, not of your world

Faces in tree bark
The hiss of the fire
The roar of the wind-blown
In the absence of sound
You see the birds fly
I see the truth
You hear the birds cry
I hear their words
Track Name: Modraniht
When winter storms come, days grow short
hearth and hall are brightly lit.
A time of giving, a time of tales,
a time of symbel, a time of blot.

Bring your gifts and renew the bonds
a new year is about to dawn
a time for peace, a time for war,
a time for harvest, a time for feast.

Outside under grey, dull skies
mind your step, keep an open eye
for twelve long days the world's their realm
witches, elves, the Herlaþing

The wind it howls a tuneless song
when hunters ride on horse and goat
Keep well inside till Bertha's night
with her day gone, the light returns

Now raise your songs, sing aloud
tales of praise and noble deeds
let the world ring with our charms
to beg the earth bring forth the spring.
Track Name: Leothweorc
Driftwood-like, my course unknown
Charred by flame, bitten by frost
Soaked by waves, hardened by wind
Scraped from tongues, hushed by ink
Vanquished, not vanished
Sought by living, fuelled by death
Utterly pleasant, eternal blame
One man's rest, another one's woe

Onwards to the fevered shores
Foaming blood
A canopy of ice and fire
Watches above
And roaming is the traveller
Called by names
And sung of in the halls at home
By the flame